Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Surprise Kellen! We're going to LA for your birthday!

Kellen was extremely surprised when I drove him to the airport at 5am on his birthday. He had no idea what was coming!

Except that's false. He found out the day after I booked the trip to LA that we were visiting our friend's Meghan and Aaron for the weekend.  Let it just be known that I have a horrible poker face :/.

The trip was action packed- we probably covered 1-2 weeks worth of stops in three days (2 and 1/2 really). Either way, we had a blast, and are very thankful to our wonderful host and hostess!

Venice Beach: Stop #1

Malibu Beach- had a strong urge to learn how to surf here. If only we had more time...

Excited to see each other, I guess. :)

I found the cast of Harry Potter. Kinda addicted since I read all 7 books between Jan. and the end of March,  this year!

Will Smith has pretty big feet!

Do you see the Hollywood sign in the background?

Thai food in Hollywood for Kellen's Birthday. The Ruby's neighbors joined us- but I don't have any pics :(
Free dessert #1 of the weekend. We also got free chocolate covered strawberries and champagne in the hotel room!

San Diego
About to eat the world's best burrito. Now who wouldn't smile at that thought?

We took about thirty of these and this is the closest we got to all doing something neat. Although my favorite is a tie between the one where Kellen looks like he is stuck on the toilet or the one where Aaron's feet are glued to the ground. ....They have to forgive me for posting this one instead of those two :)

3rd Free Dessert of the Weekend

Full circle back to Venice! These pictures are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we did this weekend.

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