Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kyle and Natalie are in Town!!!

One of Kellen's old roommates and groomman, Kyle, and his lovely wife, Natalie came to visit the Rocky Mountains- and us!- in March
Beautiful rock formations

Hiking buddies for the day!

Hello Bambi! The deer along the path seemed to have no fear of us.

On our way up Pike's Peak on the Cog Railway

We didnt make it to the top- too cold up here still. Too much snow in the way, stopped us from seeing the Big Horned Sheep :(

The tracks kind of disappear, the incline was very steep at a few points.

Heading back down...

Our second National Park (Rocky Mountain was first)

"Garden of the Gods"
Incase we get kicked out of our apartment, we have a new home :)

"Garden of the Gods"
Wishing I had, had my new camera here- but if you look closely you can see Pike's Peak in the background.

Amazing view...

Balanced Rock

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